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01  Interstate ATM thief arrested, for breaking the ATM Counter and  cash  Rs. 2,50,000/- recovered.  10.10.2020
 02 Metagally Police Staff Arrested 3 Dacoits. And Recovered 42,000/- Rs. Cash, 2 Two Wheeler Vehicle And 3mobile Phone.   11.02.2021
 03 Krishnaraja Police Station Staff and Officers has arrested 4 culprits who was involved in double murder case. 12.02.2021 
04 Udayagiri Police Station Officers and Men has arrested 2 two wheeler offenders.  and recovered 8,00,000/- Rs. Valuable two wheelers motor vehicles. 12.02.2021 
 05 Sarswathipuram Police Station Staff arrested mobile thief and recovered 70,000/- Rs. and 2 mobile phone.   14.02.2021
06  Saraswatipuram police arrested two extortionists. and recovered  cash Rs. 8000 /-  1 mobile phone, and 2 bikes.  14.02.2021
07 Vijanagara Police Officers and Staff arrested 3 two wheeler offenders. and recovered  11 two wheelers worth Rs. 7,50,000/- 03.02.2021
08 Lashkar Police arrested car accused. and recovered maruthi car Rs. 7,00,000/- 05.03.2021

The Metagally Police officers and staff raid on prostitute house. Arrest two persons and protected of three womens. 


Mysore City CCB police raid a gambling site. 1,73,600 / - Rs. Cash money seized.


Mysore City CCB police raid a gambling site. 79,000 / - Rs. Cash money seized.


Vijayanagara police station staff arrested a  Kiran @ Kiran Kumar for Belvadi village murder case.


Mysore City CCB police  arrest of a person,  He  was trying to sell medical oxygen cylinders at high prices in black market. 


C.C.B. Police have discovered 02 networks that have been selling Remdesivir Injection  and Arrested  5 accused.


Today Special Drive against footpath encroachment was carried out by Mysuru Traffic Police. Under Guidance of Dr.Chandragupta I.P.S. Commissioner of Police, 16 Cases were registered under K.P.Act & 12 Cases were registered under IMV Act & fines was collected.


Today Special Drive against footpath encroachment was carried out by Mysuru Traffic Police. Under Guidance of Dr.Chandragupta I.P.S. Commissioner of Police, 16 Cases were registered under K.P.Act & 12 Cases were registered under IMV Act & fines was collected.


Mysuru City CCB Police arrested a person he  is illegally converting international calls into local calls using SIM box and Voice over internet protocol technology.


Dated 31st july on  Special Drive against footpath encroachment was carried out by Mysuru Traffic Police. Under Guidance of Dr.Chandragupta I.P.S. Commissioner of Police, 08 Cases were registered under K.P.Act & 08 Cases were registered under IMV Act & fines was collected.


3 culprits have been arrested in the case registered by V.V.Puram Police Station, Mysuru City  and 9 two wheelers worth Rs. 5,32,000/- has been seized.


Two-wheeler thief arrested by Udayagiri police. 7 two wheeler vehicles seized worth of Rs. 6,00,000/-


The Lashkar Police Station have arrested 3 Accused  along with the Tata Sumo vehicle in which the cattles were stolen.

22 Devaraja Police Station Staff have arrested the accused in which she has kidnapped 4months baby boy from Andhra Pradesh. 07.08.2021
23 The CCB Police have arrested 2 two wheelers thives in which value of 4,00,000/- Rs. 6 vehicles has been seized.  07.08.2021

Musician Recruitment - 2021. Merit List Of Candidates.


Mysuru City CCB Police  Press Note


The CCB Police officers and staff raid on prostitute house. Arrest two persons and protected of one women. 


The Oath taking ceremony was celebrated in Mysuru City Police Commissioner’s Office Preemies,  By the Office staff and Police Employees on 25.01.2022 an account of National Voters Day.


Dasara Press Meet


Today 26.11.2022 the preamble  of our constitution was preached in all Police Stations and Units of Mysuru City Police,  on account of National Constitution Day. 


On account of National Constitutional Day Celebration the Preamble was preached at Police Commissioner office, Mysuru City.


The Mysore city house owners in who have given their houses for rent and paying guest houses, they are requested to provide the information of the tenants to the police station through the following form.


On account of upcoming Vidhanasoudha election and also the Christmas and New Year celebrations in order to maintain peace and law & order situations in City, under the direction & order of Sri. B. Ramesh IPS, Commissioner of Mysuru City Police the raid on the residence of Rowdy Sheeters were conducted by Sri. Pradeep Gunti, IPS, DCP Law & Order and seized various weapons and documents and warned them of dire consequences if indulged in illegal activities.


In the year 2022, Mysuru City Police have recovered total 320 various stolen property cases . In which property worth 3.55 crore were recovered and 346 accused where arrested.


Mysuru City Vijayanagara Police Station Cr.No.01/2023 ಕಲಂ3 D.P.Act3(1)(r),3(1)(s),3(1)(w)(I),3(2)(5a)SC/ST (P.O.A)Amendment Ordinance 2014, Act 506, 498(A), 504,376,270,313,323 IPC. 03 accused in namely 1) Manjunath K.S. @ Santro Ravi, 51 years, 2) Ram Ji, 36 years, 3) Shreetish Kumar 33 years have been arrested.


Thavaraekatte Murder accused arrest.


The accused was arrested by Kuvempunagar police who cheated more than 15 women by marrying them. The properties worth Rs. 2 lakh Cash, 2 cars, gold ornaments was seized from him.


The raid was conducted by CCB Police on a club where illegal gambling (Andar Bahar) was going on.


The accused who was involved in house theft and car theft was arrested by the Mysore city VV Puram police. 03 cars , 03 watches, and gold ornaments weighing 750 grams worth a total of Rs.1,19,61,706/- were seized from the same.


A  total amount of Rs. 18,60,000/- which was invested and lost  in Crypto currency was finally refunded to the bank account by CEN Crime Police of Mysuru City

40 The CEN Crime Police arrested the accused who was carrying Canabees(Ganga) of  1 kg 227 grams worth Rs. 37,000/- in a dio scooter. The canabees and the dio scooter was therefore seized by the police. 20.08.2023
41 The accused who stole gold chains from a jewelery shop was arrested by the Lashkar Police and seized 02 gold chains worth Rs 2,00,000/- total weight of 40 grams.  21.08.2023
42 The Metagalli Police Arrested the 6 accused who stole the valuable stone elephant idol and stone flower pot worth of Rs. 2,00,000/- and seized the same.  21.08.2023
43  Mysuru City Nazarbad police station staff arrested 04 accused in the murder case.  25.08.2023  26.08.2023
44 The accused was arrested by Hebbal police, of Mysuru City who had stolen the mobiles from a mobile shop, and seized total 27 mobiles worth Rs 2,84,200/- from the same.   27.08.2023
45 Mysore City C.E.N. Police Arrested two accused who were trying to sell the M.D.M.A. drug and seized the total 16 grms, 57 ml worth of Rs. 75,000/- of MDMA Drug. 10.09.2023
46 A Citizen from Somali was punished for staying illegally in India, despite of his visa expiration. 10.09.2023
47 The accused in the case of dowry harassment, which was reported in the Mysore City Women's Police Station, was sentenced to three and a half years of imprisonment and a total fine of Rs.16,000/-. 10.09.2023
48 On the occasion of Gauri Ganesh festival and Eid Milad festival, leaders of all religions were invited and a peace committee meeting was held at Mysore City Police Commissioner's Hall. 14.09.2023
49  The accused was arrested by Mysore City CCB Police who was smuggling Canabees and seized 1 kg 167 grams worth Rs 35,000/-.  and a two-wheeler. 14.09.2023
50 On the occasion of the Diwali festival of 2023, the people who want to open temporary firecrackers selling shops in various extensions of Mysore city are about to get permission. 14.09.2023
51 Regarding to apply the applications for artistic troupes to participate in the Jambo Savari procession as part of Dussehra Mahotsav 2023. 14.09.2023
52 The CCB Police arrested the accused who was carrying Ganja of  2 kg 568 grams in two wheeler motor cycle. The Ganja and the motor cycle was therefore seized by the police. 27.09.2023
53 Mandi police arrested accused who was stealing bikes, 05 two-wheelers seized worth Rs.2,10,000/-. 11.10.2023
54 Jayalakshmipuram police arrested 05 accused who were stealing temple lockers (hundi) and bikes, total cash of Rs 18,950/- and 04 bikes worth Rs 3,20,000/- were seized. 11.10.2023
55 On the occasion of Dasara festival 2023, due to increasing traffic in Mysore city, to provide smooth traffic system, to issue the notification about the change in the traffic route, temporary bus stops, and the restriction imposed, which is applicable to the KSRTC rural and urban transport buses. 12.10.2023
56 On the occasion of Dasara festival 2023, due to increased inflow of traffic in Mysore city, in order to issue the notification regarding the change of traffic route and the restrictions applicable private buses, in order to provide smooth traffic system. 12.10.2023
57 On the occasion of Dasara festival 2023, due to increased in traffic flow in Mysore city, in order to issue a notification regarding restrictions to be imposed on one-way traffic and parking system of vehicles to provide smooth traffic system. 12.10.2023
58 Mandi Police Station staff has arrested the accused who stole the 149 gold worth Rs. 725000 and seized the same. 19.01.2024
59 CCB police arrested two house burglars and  seized a two-wheeler bike and 416 grams of gold jewelery worth Rs 26,00,000/-. 16.02.2024
60 Special operation regarding stolen properties was conducted by Mysuru City Police. And in 19 HBT cases, 63 two wheeler theft cases were traced... 15 accused were arrested and total 2kg 343 grms of gold ornaments worth Rs.16971200, 61 two wheelers and 2 cars and cash worth Rs. 170000 were seized from the same... 22.02.2024
61 As on this day, as a part of Karnataka State Police Golden Jubilee and for drug free environment, Karnataka Police Marathon was organized at 06.30 am near Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple. The program was inaugurated by Hon'ble Commissioner of Police Shri Ramesh B IPS. Deputy Commissioners of Police Shri Muthuraju M IPS, Mrs. Jahnavi S & Shri Maruthi along with Departmental Staff, Police Inspector and higher officers were present in the occasion. 10.03.2024
62 A case has been registered in Lakshmipuram police station against Shree Perfect Venture Company, which was cheating people by luring them to give more money to innocent people. 02.04.2024
63 Today 02.04.2024 at 8.00 AM Mysore City C.A.R. Police Flag Day was celebrated at the parade grounds. Hon'ble Mr. Sivaraju KSPS Commandant (Retd.) was felicitated as the Chief Guest. Mr. Amit Singh IPS, DIGP South Zone, Commissioner of Police Mr. Ramesh B IPS welcomed all the retired police officers. And senior officers and staff of the department were present in the occasion. 02.04.2024


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