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Most crimes occur because of circumstances that creates an opportunity for the crime to be committed.   Crime prevention starts with you, the potential victim. By using common sense, and by practicing proactive crime prevention techniques, you can greatly reduce the opportunity for a criminal to make a victim of you, the members of your family, your business, and your employees. The following are some simple tips that can help reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of crime:

An unlocked vehicle, or a vehicle with the windows left open, is an invitation to a thief to look, or to go, inside it. Always lock your vehicle, and never leave any of your valubles in open view.


Never leave your vehicle in an isolated area, and never leave your keys in your vehicle when you park it. It only takes a few seconds for someone to take an unattended vehicle that has been left running, or to see, or find keys that have been left in the vehicle and then use them to steal the vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, and the keys were left in it, your insurance company MAY only pay you a reduced compensation for your loss.


An open garage door puts many of your valuables, such as expensive lawn equipment, tools, and bicycles, on public display, to anyone who may be passing by, and it may serve as an invitation to a thief to steal something from the garage. It could also provide an opportunity for a criminal to enter the living area of your home. Unless you are where you can see if anyone enters your garage, close your garage door.


Do not put your name and/or address information on your vehicle and/or house keys. While losing your keys may be inconvenient, it is far better than having someone, who may be dishonest, finding your keys, learning where you live, and paying you an unexpected and unwanted visit that may cost you far more than the cost and the inconvenience of your lost keys.


Beware of persons who may be trying to “con” or “scam” you. If someone, and there may be more than one person involved, is trying to convince you to take part in something that requires you to pay them, or give them money to “hold”, and the opportunity sounds “too good to be true”, it probably is. Most likely this is some kind of a trick to cheat you out of your money. Professional “con” artists appear to be honest and sincere, and they can be very believable and convincing. They make their dishonest living by taking advantage of their victim’s trust and gullibility. Do not give them any money and immediately contact your local law enforcement.





The cost of prevention might prevent a lifetime of regret. 
When you are operating a motor vehicle, drive safely, and defensively. Look out for the other driver who may not be looking out for you. Wear your seatbelt and make everyone in your vehicle wear theirs. Secure all children in seatbelts or car seats. The following old safety slogans are still as meaningful today as when they were first used:


Buckle-up--Seatbelts (and car seats) Save Lives. The chances of surviving a traffic crash, and having reduced injuries, are much greater if you, your family or your passengers are secured in your vehicle by seat belts or child car seats. Too often unrestrained victims of traffic crashes are injured, or killed, due to being thrown around the interior of the vehicle, or from being ejected from the vehicle, by the force of the crash. The proper use of seatbelts, and child car seats, can literally mean the difference between life and death.


Speed Kills--The faster your vehicle is traveling, the greater the likelihood that you, or any other persons in your vehicle, may be severely injured, or killed, in a traffic crash. The greater the speed, the greater the force of impact in a crash.

Arrive Alive--Drive carefully at all times. Use extra caution when hazardous weather and/or road conditions exist. Do not drive if you are tired or your are physically or mentally impaired.


The Mysuru City Police Department can assist you with your crime prevention and safety efforts. The Department has personnel who can provide various services, such as: Security checks, for homes, and for businesses, in the City, at no cost.

Crime prevention training for individuals, homeowners, and for businesses to help to reduce the risk of robbery, theft, burglary, sexual assault, etc.

Responding to City Code violations. City Code violations may only be a nuisance, or they may adversely affect health and safety. If you want to report a City Code violation you may do so by any of the following means: Coming to the Police Department in person; contacting the Police Department by telephone; or by completing the on-line Code Enforcement Complaint Form that is available on this web site.



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